Music Hourly $140.00

​Hourly Karaoke/Video $180.00


The DJ 



The Backstage Pass is the top option it comes with unlimited hours of music, a full light show, wall light décor, projection option!


Packages & Pricing

Same venue price

Hourly Rates

The Remix package is four hours of music with a basic light show to spice up the night.


The Backstage Pass

The Remix

The DJ is our basic package that is four hours of music.

"Turning Music Into Memories"

Extra Music Hours           $50.00 Hr.

Ceremony                        $100.00

Light Show                       $125.00

Wall Light Décor              $200.00

Up lights on the wall

Projector                          $100.00

A slide show or a wall art projection, for more information contact us.