Prior to Wedding

·         Meet with the bride and groom to go over their timeline and any arrangements needed for their day!


·         Work with the wedding officiator to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional

·         Alert wedding party as to where they need to be the following day, and what time

Pre – Ceremony

·         Will arrived 2 hours before Ceremony starts

·         Coordinate last minute arrangements with vendors to help get set up

·         There for the bride and groom for anything they might need


·         Set up programs and other ceremony items

·         Ensure the ushers are in place

·         Make sure that personal flowers are on the groomsmen, users, fathers, flower girls, bridesmaids and bride

·         Have the ushers start escorting guest and make sure they know the proper way to seat the guest

·         Ensure the ceremony efficient and musicians are in place

·         Communicate with the officiator and decide the cue for the start of the ceremony

·         Communicate with the bride and groom so they know where to  be and when the ceremony will start

·         Handle any emergencies that may arise

·         Line up bridal party for the processional

·         Cue everyone when the ceremony begins

·         Gather family, friends, wedding party for pictures after ceremony


·         Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour before you arrive.

·         Look over tables to make sure everything is set properly

·         Make sure personal flowers have arrived for the reception i.e. bouquet, garter, bridesmaids flowers

·         Ensure everyone is transported on time and to reception area

·         Help guest locate their seats

·         Locate bride and groom and instruct them to when they will be introduced

·         Cue band, photographer and videographer when important events take place

·         Cue everyone giving a toast

·         Be aware that the timing of the night is on track

·         Help cut cake if needed

·         Prevent and fix any problems that may arise

·         Coordinate reception departure

Wedding Day Coordinator

"Turning Music Into Memories"

Wedding Day Coordinator is there for you to have a relaxing and enjoyable wedding day. We offer 1 or 2 assistants to be there to assist with your needs during the ceremony and reception. For an hourly charge we will also help with decorating. Details listed below.

One Assistant    $425.00

​Two Assistants  $625.00